Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Which Microsoft Office 365 plan suits your business?

A plan for every business need, whether you’re a budding business, an SMB or a large/government enterprise, following are your basic requirements that you want to fulfill to improve your business operations:

1. Data protection. 

2. Virtual collaboration.

3. Business intelligence tools.

4. Enterprise mobility solutions.

5. Storage scalability and flexibility.

Thoughtfully assembled Microsoft Office 365 plans by ZNetLive help to facilitate and establish proper communication between your team and your customers, irrespective of the size of your organization.

Below are all the plans in detail to make it easier for you to decide as to which office 365 plan suits your business.

Let’s take them one by one:

    Business plans:

Business plans include MS Office365 Email, Office Apps or combined plan to efficiently & easily operate your business and get your work done anytime and anywhere. If your business needs business class email, office apps, and the capability to do online meetings and video conferencing, then go for Office 365 Premium Suite. It comes with OneDrive, which provides 1 TB per person storage space in the cloud through which, your critical data is saved online by default, providing data backup automatically. Online office applications allow you to create, edit or share documents with others.

If you are a medium or small sized business, then go for Office 365 Business Suite that has all the features mentioned in premium suite plan except features of business email and web conferencing. Lastly, if you’re a small business, then go for Office 365 Essential suite that comes with all the above features discussed except the office applications. 

    Exchange online plans:

These plans are especially designed for unlimited users. It is a productivity enhancing solution for startups in India and across the globe with no dedicated office or employees without desk – shift, retail or those using shared PCs.

If your business needs large mailboxes with 50GB inbox and message size of about 150MB with the features of data and group collaboration, then go for Exchange Online Plan 1. It also comes with inbox management that helps you filter your low-priority email—saving time for your most important messages.

Our O365 plans allow you to pay only for those services that you require. For e.g.  If your business doesn’t need a large mail box and third party apps, then why pay for it? Choose O 365 Enterprise K1 suite that comes with POP support and provides access to SharePoint online sites and exchange active sync (EAS) for smart phones.

Whereas our Exchange online kiosk suite comes with business class email with 2GB inbox and calendar with EAS and POP support and is an ideal productivity enhancement solution for small and medium sized businesses.

With all the above three O365 Exchange Online Plans, you get complete data security and privacy with anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering capability.

    Plans for large enterprises:

These plans provide comprehensive communication via Skype for Business that helps you to connect with your colleagues by instant messaging, conduct online meetings (up to 10,000 meeting attendees) with your clients or team members anywhere and anytime. Going for E1, E3 and E5 O 365 Enterprise suite plans eliminate the need for maintaining multiple conferencing solutions if you have a large organization. These suites also provide Enterprise management of apps with Group Policy, Telemetry, and Shared Computer Activation.

With O 365 enterprise E5 suite, you also get enhanced analytics tool -Delve Analytics which provides insights on time and relationships and business intelligence tool -Power BI which enables workers to visualize and analyze data with greater understanding and speed through live data dashboards, interactive reports with excel.

For compliance and information protection, E3 and E5 suites provide advanced eDiscovery—to reduce the costs and challenges with predictive coding and text analytics. Also, you get Cloud PBX for cloud-based call management, so that you can make, receive, and transfer calls across a wide range of devices.

All the above plans provide digital storytelling tools enabling anyone to create interactive web based lessons, project reports, movies and slides in an impressive way, right from a phone, tablet or browser.

    Plans for Government Organizations:

A government office, agency or unit of any local or state government in India or abroad established by law, can buy and benefit from the following four plans for government organizations provided by ZNetLive MS O 365 at most economical prices.

O 365 Enterprise E3 suite has all the features of O 365 enterprise E5 suite – a plan for large enterprises that’s discussed above, except digital story telling tool, corporate video portal, analytics tools and cloud PBX.

If there is no need for online Office applications, then go for Enterprise E1 suite. Also if your organization doesn’t need audio/video conferencing, then why pay for it? Go for Exchange Online Plan 1 and Plan 2 suite.

Wrapping up
All these office 365 plans are undoubtedly value for money and help you manage your business more effectively and efficiently with guaranteed 99.9% uptime backed with SLA, whether you are an SMB, a startup or a large enterprise, hence buy Microsoft Office 365 plan- anyone from the above that suits your business best and you get personal assistance and technical support from ZNetLive with only a minimum monthly charge.

Please use the comments section below for any queries you’ve regarding MS Office 365 and its plans.