Monday, 8 August 2016

The critical role that Cloud plays in the success of your business

Innovations in the technology improve operations of companies and irrespective of their size help them become more productive and global in nature.

Cloud computing is the major innovation in the field of IT that has enabled companies to reshape their business and capitalize on the digital transformation. It has become popular worldwide with its different service types- Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud and different models -SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.


It has changed the way of doing business online-it’s turning business process into business advantage for organizations everywhere.



What cloud truly does for your business?


The best thing about the cloud is that it allows you to work as you wish to, allowing you to stay flexible in your business while supporting innovation. Cloud products provide benefits to your business and outweigh the restrictive capabilities of traditional software.


Cloud benefits for your business:


Enables business agility - Agility is the most important attribute required by any business to continue seamlessly. Cloud technology with its on demand self-service and rapid elasticity feature enables business agility for organizations. This helps a business to create new processes, introduce new products and services, modify existing ones, enter new markets and adapt to changing circumstances speedily and easily.


All – public, Azure private cloud and hybrid cloud can deliver this benefit.


Provides improved allocation of resources- Improper resource allocation can starve a business if the allocation is not managed properly. But resource provisioning feature of the cloud enables cloud hosting providers to manage the resources for each individual module.


Many times, deployed services experience increase or decrease in the usage volumes and in order to meet the user demands, business require corresponding increase or decrease in supporting IT resources. Cloud handles these requirements most efficiently.  


Resource Allocation Strategy (RAS) of the cloud dynamically allocates resources within the limit of cloud environment to meet the needs of the cloud applications.


Amplifies employee productivity- Smooth and quick collaboration between team members, clients and partners is the fuel for the success of any business. It provides a more productive environment for working and improves productivity by enabling participants to share the processing logic.


Use of cloud based online tools for sending business emails, instant messaging, online meetings and file sharing have helped to reinforce the benefits of collaboration and boost business productivity as well as substantial revenue.


Facilitates anywhere anytime access on the go- In today’s connected world, running a business from a fixed location can be a constraint for any business. With cloud’s top-of-the-line business productivity tools, you can work from office, home, in the car, or on a remote island, while enjoying your vacations— anywhere in the world.
That means employees -even a  salesperson of your company who is at remote job site, can access your company’s computer systems from anywhere with a web access.

So do business from anywhere you want.


Drives cost efficiency- Maximizing cost efficiency is the principal aim of any business. Cloud computing helps you to achieve cost reduction as it works on the subscription based model i.e. it allows you to pay as you pay for the usage, just like you do for household utilities like water and electricity.

Thus, helping you preserve your cash flow and save on the resources which your business does not consume. You can put back that saved money into the business to increase headcount, boost wages and drive innovation.

Cloud helps you to make huge cost savings as-

·        Cloud secures and backs up your business data.
·        Prevents your system from going offline as it guarantees no single point of failure, ensuring business must go on!
·        You don’t need to spend on upgrades, it helps you to derive maximum from your existing infrastructure.
Thus, cloud offers a big list of benefits required by every business to succeed.

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